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Check out Education Week's "Leaders to Learn From" and nominate your favorite

Education Week is searching for bold, innovative district leaders who are ready to lead their districts through the post-pandemic years. Do you know a superintendent who is spending recovery dollars smartly? A chief academic officer who is unveiling new programs while tackling unfinished learning? A family and community engagement liaison who is finding novel ways to partner with their communities?

Nominate a Leader

Nomination Deadline is Aug. 31, 2022

EdWeek Leaders To Learn From spotlights tenacious school-district leaders who are committed to transforming the lives of the students, staff, and communities they serve. Who is eligible? Any K-12 administrator whose work impacts students at the district level. You can nominate as many as you want—no limits! Nomination fee? None! When will winners be announced? Feb.15, 2023. Watch for the EdWeek Leaders To Learn From special report.

Meet the previous Leaders To Learn From and submit your nominations before Aug. 31.

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