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We proudly welcome our newest Sapience Leadership Partner: Rile

Today's first-ever PennGSE- and RILE- led, Sapience-powered collaborative webinar featured 14 countries, hundreds of participants and most importantly, open, insightful dialogue among educational leaders spanning the globe. We are grateful to all of our co-hosts, esteemed speakers and engaged experts, as we worked together, generating thoughtful, empathetic and inspiring options for addressing some of education's greatest challenges.

RILE is the Inter-American Educational Leadership Network that runs through the Mid-Career program at the University of Pennsylvania along with five other leading higher education institutions in Latin America. The Founding Committee is formed by:

- Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania

- Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

- Universidad Católica de Uruguay

- Universidad Católica de Córdoba in Argentina

- Universidad de La Sabana in Colombia

- Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia

Their mission is to improve the quality of education across the Americas through collaborative research, training, and exchange of experiences.

You can watch the recording of the webinar on

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