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Leadership that Honors and Supports the Democratic Purposes of Education

June 9, 2017

It’s time for a different approach to cultivating leaders and developing organizations that are trying to build a better world.


Our approach to cultivating leaders and developing organizations honors the unique environment in which the organization exists as it works to create positive impact on the people and communities it serves. 


We believe that adaptive problems must be solved through a grounded theory of action that puts practitioners and practitioner knowledge at the center of transforming teaching, learning, leading, and schooling.  Why? Because we believe that the collective intellectual capacity of the people who are doing the day to day work is critical in naming the problem, even before solving it. That practitioner knowledge is key to fully understanding the nature of the problem, and the solution to fix it. This includes, leaders, teachers, coaches, and anyone else who is involved in this critical work.


We also believe that finding multiple perspectives on the problem are just as important. We offer a unique experience that draws on the diverse wisdom and experience of leaders from across the education sector, who are trained in our process, to help you name your problem, and explore possible solutions. They do NOT simply provide you the answer based on their own experience. Instead they draw from their experiences to help push YOU to find creative and innovative solutions. We share that knowledge with the rest of the world, through the intersection of your local problem in relation to a broader global issues. Our work, together, should produce new knowledge that can inform how to tackle the global issues and inspire other leaders to rethink the possibilities.


We support the democratic purposes of education through the inclusion of a diversity of voices and perspectives, including those of the community being served through our process. The focus is on you. We help you, and your organization, ensure that the work you do never loses sight of the commitment to doing good for people and their communities. 


In the coming days, I will be writing more about our process, some times in relationship to events in the world, in order to provide more clarity about what we can do for you.


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Leadership that Honors and Supports the Democratic Purposes of Education

June 9, 2017

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