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Leading Equity Audit for major state Department of Education

Sapience Leadership LLC was asked to provide educational consulting for an equity audit at a state education department in the northeast area of the United States. The purpose was to assess the potential of their educational senior leaders in advancing their careers. The grant for this work was provided by The Wallace Foundation as part of a nation-wide test-pilot program across six metropolitan areas.



The most promising leaders in the district had few professional development opportunities

to advance in their careers. This lack of opportunities was limiting the education quality

of the overall school system.

How our Network met the Challenge

Sapience consultants worked collaboratively to design and field a research- and inquiry-based

approach.  A blend of quantitative and qualitative methods combined in a strategic analysis to reveal attitudes, perceptions and aspirations of mid-career and senior leadership.


Research demonstrated that there was a time-sensitive, defining need for long-term sustainable, system-wide coaching and career advancement programs.  In order for the state DOE to thrive, the gap in

training and perceived limitations on opportunity needed attention - real action, not simply words.  The Sapience, state DOE and Grantor worked together to formulate a plan, including both short-term interventions and longer-term leadership development. 

Beyond the Requirements

Beyond fulfilling project requirement, the Sapience team also offered a set of

innovative ideas and detailed recommendations for how to best advance the equity and

development opportunities for these school leaders.The core team across these three organizations looks forward to working together to make this vision a reality.

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