"Repositioning Educational Leadership: Practitioners Leading from an Inquiry Stance"

This weekend, from our Sapience Reading Room, check out how eleven active practitioners in the field exercise leadership in context of their missions, visions and values - dealing with the inevitable, messy complexity that comes with the territory. Editors, Michael C. Johanek, Founder of Sapience Leadership and Executive Director of the PennGSE Mid-Career Doctoral Program for Educational Leadership, along with colleagues James H. Lytle, Susan L. Lytle and Kathy J. Rho, offer ground-breaking tales from the other front lines, coping with increasing expectations of their work in education.

One PennGSE - A remarkable resource for current Penn faculty, staff and students

In a model move to channel timely, uniquely relevant information to the PennGSE community, check out this site offering guides, resources, links and contacts, designed to support teaching, learning and leadership. Driven by its stated mission,"partnering with schools, universities and communities to expand educational access - especially for those underserved by society," this site, publicly accessible serves as a living example of how to turn our most challenging times into some of the most inspiring innovations.

Welcome to our newest Sapience partner, The Bina School

We are thrilled to announce that our newest strategic partner, The Bina School, headquartered in Berlin, has joined the Sapience community. Founder & CEO, Noam Gerstein is an exceptional leader, with a passion for bringing Digital and Experiential Learning to the Global Elementary World. With real-time lessons, a student /teacher ratio of 6:1 and a host of Cultural, Sporting and outdoor activities, BINA is an innovative answer to what families need now. Courses begin April 14th, 2020. For more information, visit

For NJ Public HS Seniors - Fantastic College Scholarship Opportunity: ETS Cares

Scholarships of up to $10,000 each will be awarded to selected students based on 500-word essays submitted on the topic of their individual hardship or challenge, with a perspective on how education can enhance [his / her] future. If you know someone you'd like to encourage to apply, deadline is April 27, 2020 or when ETS applications hit 500. For more information, email

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