Check out this @PennGSE Educator's Playbook For many families, a school counselor is the first place to turn for questions about a child’s mental or emotional health. But parents and kids avoid the counselor’s office because they are afraid they, or their child, won’t be seen as “normal.” With National School Counselors Week [having started] February 3, it’s time to break that taboo. “Counselors are in schools to support kids,” said Penn GSE’s Linda Leibowitz, who spent three decades as a counselor in Philadelphia schools. “Counselors are trained to help student’s academ

"Givitas" by Give and Take

In this morning's post from one of my must-read-daily digital wonders: "The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away". --Pablo Picasso For those of you yet unfamiliar with the brilliant, innovative platform, Givitas, here's why you may want to get acquainted. One glance at the Vision & you'll know right away if it's for you: The Givitas GRANTED Community is purpose-built for seeking and offering help, resources, connections, ideas, and advice. In this network of GRANTED subscribers, people can get help on large and small issues, expand their connections, and tap into the collective intelligence of forward thinkers. For me, the inspiration to join the G

Catalyst@PennGSE: Entrepreneur Bootcamp, 2/18/20

Registration is open and seats are limited. Whether in person or by webcast, if you're a growth-focused entrepreneur committed to evidence-based decision-making, this one-day bootcamp session is for you. "Harnessing Research into Practice in Education" is one in a series of programs from Catalyst that features industry insiders and faculty of PennGSE, how to the world's premier education business plan competition and first Master's Degree in Education Entrepreneurship in the country. Contact:

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