In Honor of Catholic Schools Week

Hi Everyone - Not sure if this is a coincidence or just an inspiring Spirit prompting the sharing of this work. Either way, here at Sapience, we've had some recent interest in bringing research on Philadelphia-area Catholic school alumni to the forefront. Access the link here to see how seven decades of Catholic school alums connect their high school service and leadership experiences to their adult pathways.

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Cheers to Sapience Leadership Founder, our own Michael C. Johanek, as he and his acclaimed co-author, Sigal R. Ben-Porath gain increasingly positive reviews on their latest collaboration. "Making Up Our Mind: What School Choice Is Really About" chronicles the history of the topic and quickly catapults us into the present-day choice challenges, inspiring perspectives on the future. In once recent review, the essence of the book is summarized beautifully: " . . . the real debate is not whether we have 'choice' -- both parental choice and market-driven choice have long been part of American education -- but how policies dictate who gets to choose, how, and with what consequences." https://w

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