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Angeles Ortega Luque

Angeles Ortega-Luque, M.S.Ed.

Educational Consultant

Angeles is engaged as an Educational Consultant with Sapience Leadership LLC. Currently, she is working on the analysis and assessment of previous Sapience projects, writing case studies, supporting consulting proposals, and creating new content for engagement purposes.

Angeles is also working as the project coordinator of The Judgment Project, funded by The Spencer Foundation and directed by Dr. Michael Johanek. The ultimate goal of this project is to build a community across professions to train professionals with simulated realities of emergency, highly uncertain, and emotionally charged contexts where they need to make decisions in situ that have a direct impact in a wide audience.

Angeles also is the project coordinator of the Inter-American Educational Leadership Network (RILE), a fast-growing network of educational leaders across the Americas. Her role is to coordinate the Board Committee that makes decisions about opportunities to train professionals, pursue cutting-edge research, and create spaces to exchange experiences, and the Operational Team to execute activities from brainstorming to implementation.

Before joining Sapience Leadership, Angeles worked at Google Maps partner Snowdrop Solutions Inc. in the United Kingdom offering consultancy and advisory reports for optimization and cost savings to multinational corporations across industries including travel and transportation, real state, food, and telecommunications.

Angeles graduated with a M.S.Ed. in Educational Linguistics from the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania. She earned her B.A. in Translation and Interpreting Studies in Spanish, English, and German from the Universidad de Córdoba in Andalusia, southern Spain. In the fall 2021, Angeles is starting her Ph.D. in Applied Sociolinguistics at Georgetown University.

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