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Senior Consultant

Adrian is engaged as an Independent Consultant with Sapience Leadership LLC. He is an innovative, transformative and successful principal in urban school settings. Adrian brings over twenty years of instructional and organizational leadership experience in urban school settings. He has led school turnaround in multiple school settings and sizes across K-12 in his experience as a Principal and Executive Director. Adrian has led both district and charter schools.

Adrian brings a rich, practice-based experience in change management. He is a systems thinker who enjoys designing strategies that can sustain organizational learning and adaptive capacity. As such, he is also passionate about developing highly impactful teams. Known as an innovative leader, Adrian tends to focus on strategies that can lead to breakthrough transformation and organizational learning. 

He completed a B.A in History from the New York University in 2000. Five years later, he had graduated with a M.S. in Secondary Education and Social Studies with a specialization on seven to twelve grades from Lehman College and a second M.S. in Educational Public Administration from Baruch College. Continuing his aim to understand and develop practices that help leaders to make a real and direct impact on people, Adrian pursued a doctoral program at the University of Pennsylvania. Adrian graduated with a Ed.D. in Educational and Organizational Leadership in 2013.

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